University of Patras

UPAT will participate through its Communications and Information Technologies Laboratory (WCL), established in 1967 at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and especially through the Visualization and Virtual Reality Group. The WCL and its members have a significant research track record in the area of telemedicine, virtual physiological human, acoustic signal processing, activities that are directly relevant to the project. In particular WCL and its members have participated, during the latest years, in more than five (5) projects relevant to Ageing@Work and have published a large number of papers in relevant scientific journals and conferences.

UPAT will investigate workability, occupational health and safety issues and will ensure for the development of Ageing@Work orchestration support tools and virtual worker models, building upon the virtual factory modelling tool developed in the Factory2Fit project. Further to that, UPAT will be involved in the design of innovative and engaging solutions aiming to boost productivity such as the AR-based telepresence tool.