The AGEINGATWORK Concept in a nutshell

The overall concept underpinning Ageing@Work starts from the urgent need to help ageing workers of the modern industries to maintain productivity and workability, while achieving a balance between work and personal life, in the context of active and healthy ageing.

Having identified the changes in human abilities that appear with age and typically affect workability, Ageing@Work will follow an interdisciplinary approach in developing novel advanced ICT solutions for adaptive smart working and living environments in order to effectively meet those needs.




The system that we are going to develop will be demonstrated in the context of use case scenarios in real life environments and with the participation of actual users from the targeted user group. We will provide two use case demonstrators, by the end of the project. One use case involves workers in mining industrial site to test Ageing@Work holistic approach in outdoors conditions and a second use case concerns industrial workplace.