Our Pilots

Our pilot in Spain

The Ageing@Work pilot in Spain takes place in companies dedicated to the extraction of siliceous and limestone aggregates by direct pulling out, drilling and blasting. Τhe companies are part of the National Association of Aggregate Manufacturers (ANEFA).  In both quarries, a number of auxiliary services exists, such as warehouses, laboratories, wastewater treatment plant, offices etc. The workers of the quarries need to handle heavy machinery under outdoors environment conditions. Working on the quarries also requires from the worker a lot of physical strength for handling heavy machinery. Work schedule sometimes depends on weather conditions and it may change unexpectedly, while severe heat or cold may hinder working conditions. In addition to outdoor conditions, noise and dust add more stress to the workers. Safety is very crucial when handling heavy machines and using explosive devices and workers need to stay alert.

All participants are over 55 years of age (or 45 in case of working arrangements that allow early retirement due to special hard working conditions and without severe health or mental conditions (diagnosis of severe physical or mental condition or disability). The participants include:

  • Quarry workers
  • Control and security managers
  • Laboratory managers
  • Department Managers
  • Health and safety managers
  • Factory directors


Our pilot in Germany

The Ageing@Work German pilot involves office workers and portfolio managers in SIEMENS lab factory in Munich and remote office workers from different SIEMENS factories. The typical workplace of a Siemens factory includes different machines in an industrial hall that need to be equipped with tools, programmed and observed. Typically the worker needs to observe several machines at the same time. One of the main challenges are the increasing complexity of machines, while on-site work is also performed in a busy and noisy environment. Multi-machine operation is demanding and users cannot turn to the current task at a machine at rest. When working on some machines, the worker has to go to several locations e.g. when working in the work room, s/he has to go to the control panel to operate the control and get back to the machine room.

All participants are over 55 years of age and without severe health or mental conditions. The participants include

  • Workers
  • Portfolio managers

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