Siemens AG

Siemens participates in this project through the Accessibility Competence Center (ACC) and the User experience Design Group, which are parts of the Siemens division Corporate Technology (CT). The ACC-team has more than 20 years of experience in the design of accessible products, the implementation of the concept of "Design for All" in mainstream products and the efficient usage of assistive technologies. They have many years of experiences in the user-centred design process ensuring at the same time that the user interfaces are accessible (ISO 9241-171) to everyone, also those with reduced abilities. To ensure that the system is usable by the intended target groups, we are following the Human centered design process for interactive systems (ISO 9241-210) and ensure that all relevant stakeholders from older persons, their family and healthcare professionals play an important role in the requirement phase and throughout the project. Therefore we have established a trusty relationship with local, national and european associations of older or disabled persons.

Siemens will provide one pilot site to demonstrate the project's proposition, will be responsible for its deployment on the different workplaces’ scenarios and for the collection of the relevant data. Moreover, Siemens will be involved in the specification of users’ requirements and the preparation of any necessary legal documentation, for the data protection and all the privacy principles and regulations that need to be addressed within the project.