MYSPHERA’s core is a fully owned IoT-RTLS platform composed by sensors (i.e. bracelets and tags), gateways, location algorithms and business intelligence services on the cloud. Getting real-time visibility of healthcare processes, MYSPHERA improves efficiency, patient safety and saves costs. MYSPHERA’s IoT-RTLS solution adapts to different areas and services inside the organization: emergency service, surgical unit, asset management/control and patient wards, among other applications. MYSPHERA’s team is composed by 39 persons working on product design and development (hardware & software), product deployment and custom engineering, product support, marketing & sales, management. Technical profiles are mainly computer science, telecommunication, electronics and biomedical engineers; social sciences, economics, marketing and accounting.

MYSPHERA will be involved in the personalized ergonomic workplace design in terms of developing the relevant ergonomics support tool from the VERITAS project. Results will be very useful on defining, among others, the important parameters that may hinder the person’s productivity and workability. MYSPHERA will also participate in the project's architecture definition and will be actively involved in the framework of unobtrusive behaviour tracking. Finally, MYSPHERA will contribute to the system integration as well as the dissemination of results.