KU Leuven (KUL)

The Behavioral Engineering Research Group at FEB KULeuven studies human decision making and behavior in an economic environment from an interdisciplinary angle. The basic assumption underlying BEE’s research program is that decision makers often make suboptimal decisions in a sometimes too challenging economic environment. BEE studies both decision making and behavior, as well as underlying mechanisms. Specifically, BEE’s Behavioral Engineers concentrate on (1) understanding and predicting decision making and behavior, and (2) supporting change in decision making and behavior in a sustainable way. BEE draws on the most advanced techniques and insights available in several disciplines such as economics, marketing, psychology, philosophy, medical sciences, and biology.
The group members publish in major journals in psychology and marketing and contribute to these domains as reviewers and associate editors. The research group has official collaborations with large industry (e.g. Philips, Unilever), SMEs (VicarVision, Tobii) but also with other academic institutions (Stanford, Insead, London Business School) and NGOs (BEUC).