Joint concentrated paper on the role of AI technologies in working through COVID-19.

In an effort to  reflect and share about the COVID-19 implications to the work environments, the projects funded by the European Union under the call SC1-DTH-2018-1 (SmartWork, AGEING@WORK, BIONIC, CO-ADAPT, See Far, sustAGE, WorkingAge) joined efforts to a concentrated paper about how the digital solutions and systems could be developed, adapted, optimized or applied to better respond to the pandemic context challenges. 

Each project presented reflections following three questions:  • How can technology applied to the work environment be leveraged to respond to the emerging challenges raised by COVID-19? • Are there changes to the actual priorities and needs, considering the pandemic situation? • Is this an opportunity for projects such as those in the SC1-DTH-03-2018 “cluster” to underline the needs to introduce a digital revolution in the workplace? 

A transversal underlying question was also included in the reflections, concerning if and how the proactive deployment of smart technologies can be explored for creating social distancing workplaces, dynamically reconfiguring safety measures and ensuring sanitation especially critical for front-line employees who have to be on-site.

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