What do our pilot users think about Ageing @ Work?

“I would like the information about stress. Before I don’t realize until I’m totally overloaded. I have learn to recognize the symptoms, thanks to the short questionnaire before that impact on my personal life, and put in risk my life at work.” (Supervisor, 48 years)

However, the functionality more appreciated were the training program. That was one of the specific requirements of the functionality, and the Virtual Coach embedded in the Worker app, provides specific exercises adapted to their age and type of job. They are specially interested on using technology that could allow them to exercise while working

“I use the app in the mobile phone to guide me to avoid the back pain. Now I do my best during my rest, because I know what type of exercises I can do.” (Driver, 51 years).

Do you consider the applications easy to use?

“Why not? I’ve found this (showing his wristband). I like it, and I’ve never problems to use the app or configure it”. (Quarry responsible, 49 years)

In general, workers consider the application easy to use, and they have no experiment any kind of problem or resistance to change

“No problem at all, every of the functionalities are easy to use, like other mobile apps in my phone” (Manual worker, 58 years)

“Really, I think I got engaged with. No difficult to use, and give the same functionalities that a normal Fitbit, but with more personalization and functions. I’m happy with the solution” (Manual worker, 57 years)

Would you think this solution could be useful for other workers? Do you recommend it?

“My wife wants the same things for her work. She has also back pain and need this typeof solutions” (Driver, 58 years)

“Initially, answer daily questions was a little bit annoying for me, but now I think it is beneficial for better manage my health” (Manuel worker, 51 years)

“Our job is very physical demanding, I think is kind of system should be recommended the younger and the older workers” (Manager, 51 years)