Q-PLAN has run several projects in the ICT and health sector, offering a considerable number of business support and innovation management services at private, national and EU level, including: exploitation risk analyses, business modelling, business planning, market research studies, commercialization of research results, access to capital, as well as the provision of business training to several European research teams, start-ups, SMEs and individual researchers and entrepreneurs. Having coordinated and/or participated in more than 35 EU projects and studies, the company has successfully led and carried out a considerable number of knowledge transfer, training, networking, communication and dissemination activities, including the organization of multiple international events and actions promoting market exploitation of R&D outcomes. Q-PLAN is highly experienced in the design, implementation and auditing of occupational health and safety management systems (e.g. OHSAS 18001) for various sectors (mainly manufacturing) as well as in supporting the certification and accreditation of health sector organisations (e.g. according to ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO15189, ISO 13485), among others, having supported the operation of the Quality Management Department of the two bigger networks of medical labs in Greece, i.e. IATRICA network (>130 certified private labs) and MEDISYN association (>170 certified private labs).

QPLAN will be mainly involved in activities needed for the commercial uptake of the project's platform and will contribute to the methodology for the management of all background and foreground knowledge, as well as sustainability actions and plans towards the post-project exploitation along with the overall project management. Moreover, QPLAN will also participate in the analysis of technologies and tools that are currently utilised to enhance productivity and motivate workers, along with the initial definition of worker needs and industrial requirements. Finally, QPLAN will also contribute to the modelling of workers based on skills, gender, expertise with ICTs, health condition, daily routines etc. along with the validation of the project's platform after trial executions.