MultiMed Engineers srl

Major service areas covered by the company are (i) conception and execution of innovation plans, including analyzing customers’ requirements, identifying enabling technologies, structuring and supervising work plans, conducting quality management, and performing validation and assessment activities, aimed at measuring the achievement of business objectives, (ii) training and knowledge transfer, to help customers stay at the edge of the latest scientific and technological developments, that are likely to impact their businesses in the medium to long term and (iii) solution selection, to help customers select the best suppliers of innovative solutions, by carefully balancing competing needs in terms of quality requirements, time constraints, budget constraints, reliability levels, etc. Although MME can confidently address multiple technology areas, the following ones are those where the competence and proven track record of its partnership makes the company a superior choice with respect to the competition of (i) general development of IT solutions, including requirement elicitation, incremental design and development, test driven development (TDD), behavior driven development (BDD), and quick setup of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), (ii) IT applications to support health promotion and disease prevention, in several sectors from general wellbeing and healthy lifestyle to specific health domains. In the conduction of this work, MME has strengthen its expertise towards: modelling of health domains in cooperation with clinical specialists, to form the basis of sound digitalization endeavors; validation of usercentered designs; assessment of user acceptability of digital products and solutions; exploitation of novel digital healthcare applications, including commercial exploitation; consulting healthcare authorities on the adoption of innovative technologies. Biotechnology and biomedical applications, including planning, designing, and managing targeted research projects, providing know-how and consultancy for protocol definition, clinical record form implementation and monitoring for clinical studies, quality control and data analysis relating to clinical and molecular studies with special expertise on multivariate models and high-throughput data mining.

MME will participate in the analysis of technologies and tools that can facilitate ageing workforce and are currently used in contemporary factories, so as to help in defining the overall project architecture along with the ethics and socio-economic framework and will also contribute to the dissemination and exploitation activities.