The Ageing @ Work Knowledge Exchange Platform forum provides the user with an engaging environment for both experienced and novice workers, while in the meantime, aiming for an easy experience. Our goal was to design a forum to support workers’ engagement in the manufacturing process, by enabling them to interact, gather and share contextually relevant knowledge, ideas and good practices.

The Knowledge Exchange Platform is providing a fully informative forum that will empower workers in the manufacturing industry, especially the experienced older workers who become more important as ‘‘knowledge providers” in an attempt to develop an engaging solution for knowledge sharing and learning benefitting both on site and remote work.

Additionally, an XR-based toolkit has been developed as a means to provide immersive, gamified experiences in virtual or augmented reality during training and learning. With the provided solution, an (experienced) worker can create a tutorial/procedure of specific steps in a VR Simulation, record these and then upload them to the Knowledge Exchange Platform The tutorials can be, next, accessed by a more novice worker, in order for him/her to learn/revise and get trained in the completion of the specific task in a virtual gamified environment by following the recorded steps. The toolkit that we developed is divided into two modules. On one hand, it’s the XR tutorial creation module, which gives the opportunity to an experienced worker to record a tutorial with certain steps related to a specific procedure. On the other hand, there is the XR tutorial execution module, through which a novice worker can enter the virtual environment and get trained by the recorded tutorial. All he/she has to do is to follow the indications about the steps he/she needs to execute.

 Knowledge exchange platform

 VR lifelong training tool