KU Leuven

The Behavioral Engineering Research Group at FEB KULeuven studies human decision making and behavior in an economic environment from an interdisciplinary angle. The research group is one of the first behavioural engineering centres in the EU excelling at the translation of behavioral insights into meaningful interventions in technological and social areas of interest. The group focuses on feasible and easy to implement real-life interventions that can achieve significant results at minimal cost. Our ambition is to extend the use of behavioral engineering in areas where traditional consumer research is not yet mainstream. The adaptive work and living environments field is a great example of such an area, where the early studies have shown promise, but the underlying theoretical background still is fragmented.

KU Leuven will employ its extensive experience in the implementation of surveys (for the private sector and for the European Commission) for behaviour monitoring, user satisfaction and workplace analysis and will actively participate in the unobtrusive onitoring and tracking activities. Moreover, the group will employ its behavioral engineering approach for the design of the project's Virtual Coach. Finally, KU Leuven will contribute to the implementation, analysis and interpretation of the results in terms of wVUMs ans VWMs .