This is a web application that allows managers to receive an overview of the current situation regarding their organization shift and task assignments, and act on it to better adapt it to the needs of the organization and individual workers. The application includes a number of separate views, all integrated into a main dashboard, each of which highlight a different aspect of the work organization schedule. (workers, tasks, stations, remote sessions, worker requests). The main objective is to minimize worker assignments to shifts, subject to constraints related to production, safety and legal aspects, through advanced algorithms. The tool allows flexible assignment of senior, experienced workers, who can be assigned to work from home or standby roles, while younger workers undertake tasks in the facility, under the remote guidance of seniors. To the extent that shift scheduling is involved, this enables senior workers to be assigned to remote shifts, which are considered lighter load, while on-site workers can undertake multiple tasks that they are not experts in.

Finally, workers can indicate their preferences regarding shift assignments, which are then considered in the generated schedule. The application is connected to apersonalized scheduling system for the worker, which is a decision support service that runs in the background and provides suggestions for focused schedule alterations on demand to the Ageing @Work virtual coach, which are then translated to suggestions or avatar reactions.