HIT is focusing on the development and offering of solutions in the following indicative areas, (i) mobile and web development and integration, (ii) data analytics & visualization, (iii) 3D modelling and virtual reality, (iv) digital marketing & communication. On top of its software development activities, HIT offers extensive consulting services in the field of IT Technology and R&D results’ dissemination and exploitation. Based on the long experience of its personnel, the company provides a portfolio of support services such as,  (i) technology scouting and licensing-in, (ii) research and development results’ commercialization, licensing out and marketing, (iii) spinning out new technology-driven ventures, (iv) cross-cutting services: business planning and modelling, strategic plans, feasibility studies, market analysis, impact analysis and assessment.

HIT will mainly contribute to the design of the personal work orchestration DSS that will provide the ageing worker with recommendations on when, from where and how to work in the upcoming period and will also participate in the design of the project's virtual coach and age-friendly workability enhancement tools. Moreover, HIT will also be involved in the project's event planning and administrative management.