The future of Ageing @ Work

Great opportunities lie ahead as Ageing@Work will be the first solution to provide support to the aging worker, both at home and at work, while enabling a flexible connection of these two main daily aspects of the workers’ lives and their balance.

As the European companies will be turning to highly adaptive, personalized ICT tools, seeking for solutions that will enable them to increase the work longevity and job satisfaction of their ageing workers while maintaining their knowledge, skills and experience, Ageing@Work, as a pioneer, will be able to shape this new market, thus becoming an integral and indispensable part of it. Although competitive products do exist, Ageing@Work seems to have a lead as it introduces a holistic approach for supporting the ageing workers through the fusion of smart working and living environments and it enables employers to enhance the productivity of ageing workers and to better manage their resources.

After the completion of a three years’ period , Ageing@Work will have several options for further development and the financial means to achieve it, as shown by the respective financial projections. Specifically, three years after its launch Ageing@Work is likely to become established in the German and Spanish markets and launched in the French, Italian and Polish markets, to have a substantial users’ base, a significant number of paying customers (companies) and to possess considerable cash reserves.

From that point on, Ageing@Work may follow various expansion routes such as launching in more geographical markets (e.g. USA) or pursue additional economic sectors (e.g. Healthcare industry, Utilities, Construction etc.). Based on the above, it appears that Ageing@Work represents a promising business opportunity with substantial potential for high return rate and an acceptable risk factor.

Though the path of commercial exploitation seems very promising, alternative noncommercial exploitation methods have been already examined to ensure that valorization of Ageing@Work will be achieved even in the most unfavorable scenario. At the moment, the most suitable noncommercial exploitation course appears to be that of offering Ageing@Work to a relevant non-for-profit organization, either a regional / pan-European organization such as the EU-OSHA, the European Trade Union Confederation, the European Agency for Safety & Health at Work and PEROSH. In any case, the offering will take place under the condition that Ageing@Work will be kept “alive”. This includes ensuring a substantial user base, maintaining the platform, and adding new functionalities to it when needed.