Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH)

The first CERTH/ITI involved research team, namely Visual Analytics Laboratory, operates a fully operational and well-equipped Information Visualisation and IOT infrastructure while it employs a high quality scientific group of personnel for the design, development and demonstration of advanced applications and services. It participates in research networks with assorted institutes and industrial partners in Greece and Europe. More specifically, CERTH/ITI will bring in the consortium the technical knowledge for signal processing and advanced machine learning approaches, emphasizing on investigating how deep learning and reinforcement learning can be used while trying to counteract for between-subject variability in activities and emotion/affective signs towards more effective, personalized monitoring both at home, outside it and in the workplace, under both working and leisure time. It will also bring technical knowledge on behavioural analytics, deep learning, big data analytics, augmented and virtual reality, IoT and smart connected objects based also on its participation in EU

Within Ageing@Work, CERTH will utilize its previous experience in EU H2020 research involvement to coordinate the project and actively participate in the development of the methodology for safe and effective human machine interaction. The expected technology will be fully validated and demonstrated in relevant environment provided by the Ageing@Work foreseen application areas.