Asociación Nacional de Empresarios Fabricantes de Áridos

ANEFA experience of more than 40 years in the sector, and with its more than 400 mining operations and 250 associated companies, will select the mining companies to be involved in the project (La Ponderosa in Alcover and GRAVERA SOTOPAJARES in Madrid) , providing workers over 50 years old with hard working conditions, mainly due to the fact that mining tasks require a repetitive physical effort and in the case of open-air operations, the climate factor is added, which in Spain can vary from very hot to intense cold depending on the location of the exploitation. This provides a unique pilot for the project where we can test the different technology proposed in the project. Being an association introduces an added value in the pilot, the outcomes and good practices developed in the project will be replicable in the different companies associated to ANEFA.

ANEFA’s main role in the project will be to lead the Spanish pilot trials, its execution and evaluation and will also provide the workers that will participate in the Spanish pilot trials. ANEFA will also analyse needs and expectations of modern factories and ageing workforce and will contribute to the dissemination of results and standardization issues.